Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..!

Divorced Couple and Dinner at Restaurant..! - Husband WIfe StoryKen started to feel that his married life had become more of an obligation. Joy and passion were long gone and he had lost interest in his wife Rita.

Soon, in his office he found a young girl who came to like him. With time he decided to divorce his wife. He told his wife about his decision.

His wife was shocked at his decision and tried to talk his about it but in end she agreed for divorce. On decided day they both went to divorce division and all the formalities were completed. Now, they were both free individuals.

On way out of court, Ken looked at his ex-wife and said, “It’s getting dark. Want to go for dinner?”

Rita looked at him and replied, “Well, someone said that there is a restaurant which is dedicated to perform dinner for divorce couples.. Would you like to go there for dinner?”

Ken agreed.

They both went to restaurant DIVRZO. As they entered, a waitress welcomed them and led them to a room.

After they were seated comfortably, waitress provided them with menu. After a while waitress came back and asked for their order.

Ken looked at his wife and said, “You make he orders..”

To this Rita shook her head and replied, “I am not sure what to order.. It’s better you order..”

Listening to this waitress replied, “Sorry.. Sir, Madam.. But we have a rule.. Gentleman orders her favorite dishes. Lady orders his favorite dishes. It names – THE LAST MEMORY.”

Instantly Rita said, “Ok then, a steamed fish and cold mixed cucumber in sauce. Please remember not to put garlic into it. This gentleman doesn’t eat it. Thanks.”

Waitress then looked toward Ken and said, “Sir?”

Ken was struck dumb, he realized that even after 10 years of marriage he didn’t knew her favorite dish. He sat there like dummy with nothing to say.

“Let’s just have this for now. In fact, these are all our favorite.”, Rita hastened to give him mediation.

“I suggest before food, you should try our special cold drink.”, said waitress. Both agreed and ordered that.

Soon waitress came back with drinks. One was a light blue color with cracked ice. The other was a full glass of ruddy with steam. “It names – HALF FLAME AND HALF OCEAN. Hope you will enjoy..!!”, said waitress and placed drinks on table and left.

Both were sitting face to face and didn’t know what to say at that moment.

Just then waitress knocked at door gently and entered with bright red rose and said, “Sir, do you still remember when you gave rose to this lady for very first time? now, when everything is over please give this lady rose for very last time. Will you like to buy it?”

Rita trembled slightly and in retrospect, scene from ten years ago emerged in her mind, when they were both strangers, how they met and day when Ken gave her rose fro first time on valentine’s day.

Unwittingly, her eyes laden with tears. She shook her head and said, “No, thanks.”

Just then Ken recalled that he hadn’t bought her a flower for six years at least. He said, “No, i will but it.”

Waitress tore the rose into half and put it into the drinks. It melted instantly.

“This rose is made of glutinous flour. It names – IMAGE of GOODLINESS SPIRIT. Hope you enjoy this.”, said waitress and left.

Ken tried to reach out for her hand but Rita’s hand moved back slightly. They gazed at each other silently. It seemed like thousands of words welled up from their heart yet their lips were silent.

Suddenly room was black, alarm went off and smell of smoke was there. Both jumped up. Someone shouted loudly, “Place is on fire! Everyone run! hurry up!”

Listening to this, Rita flung herself into Ken’s arm, “I am scared”. Ken embraced her tightly, “Don’t be scared. I am here. Let’s get out together.”

When they got out, they saw that there was no trace of fire, just then waitress came and said, “Sorry, Sir, Madam. There is no fire. Smoke was made on purpose. It’s fourth dish which we offer you. It names – CHOICE OF HEARTS.”

Waitress lead them back to room. Ken took Rita hand in her hand and went back inside room.

Ken said to Rita, “What lady said was right. Actually we are dependent on each other. We should be together. We remarry tomorrow!”

Rita gnawed at her lips lightly and said, “Are you willing?”

“Yes, I am.”, he said as his eyes welled with tears. Ken called for bill then.

Waitress handed them each a very delicate red bill saying, “It’s restaurant souvenir for you. it names – A BILL FOREVER. Hope you would keep it forever.”

Tears streamed down his face, when he read content of bill. Rita asked anxiously, “What happened?”

Ken passed bill to her and said, “Honey, I am sorry!”

Content of Husband Bill was: A sweet home. / Two hands full of toil. / Great care and concern for you and the kids at all seasons. / Prepare your favorite dishes. / A light is on to welcome you home always. / Defend your reputation with all her life. / A genial smile of the seventy granny. / A youth is faded away for you. – THIS IS YOUR WIFE.

Rita shared he bill with him and said, “My dear, i am sorry, You have been laborious all there years. I have ignored your feelings too.”

Content of Wife Bill was: A man’s responsibility. / A heart is attached to her and the kids always. / Two shoulders to bear with burdens. / A wrinkled face proves the hardships of life. / The grievance is to endure. / A man has been on the run all days. / He is just a simpleton among all sentient beings. – THIS IS YOUR HUSBAND.

They could not help but hugged and sobbed. They were greatly moved by the manager and the staff for their kindness. They went home hand in hand after expressed their deep gratitude to them.

Manager looked at sight, delighted with smile and said, “I have succeeded to retrieved a sweet home one again.. Only if couple could to our restaurant before divorce.”

Life is Never Easy. To maintain a perfect Marriage is much Harder. But we still have to believe in Marriage, believe in True Love.

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