Divorce Lawyer and Husband Conversation..!

Divorce LawyeAr and Husband Conversation“How many days will it is take? It been a year now..”, in some angry tone, Mohan spoke to his lawyer.

Lawyer replied, “Mr. Mohan, such case take time. You are not even ready to follow my instruction anyway.. or else you and your wife Sudha would have got divorce in a jiffy.”

Mohan asked, “Means?? You want to prove that Sudha is characterless, in court?? Make false and dirty allegations against her.. While she is woman of character. I agree that there are some shortcomings of her nature but how can i ignore her good things?”

Lawyer replied, “All these efforts have to be made. Otherwise, who gets divorce over petty domestic disputes..”

Mohan replied, “I should make effort.. effort that hurt her self respect?? She can also make such allegations through her lawyer.. then both of you can continue making money..!!

Even thinking about it make me hate myself..

But how can i blame you people?? It’s you job to win your case by any means.. But both of us and our families will have to face consequences..

My own intellect was killed.. that’s why I listened to you and my family members.. when we got into fight..

Well as much as i wished to get divorced.. If i had made such efforts to save my marriage then i wouldn’t have to come to you like this.. all the time..

Sir, you start the process of withdrawal of my case.. i do no want a divorce anymore..”

Lawyer replied, “Mr.Mohan, don’t get angry.. What i meant was that just with little effort.. you will be able to get your divorce easily..”

Mohan said, “Today, i have understood that efforts will be successful but if were put into right direction.. With change in direction, conditions can be changed..

From today, rather than trying to put all my efforts to get divorce.. i will put all this effort in trying to save my family my marriage… You start process of withdrawal of case..”

When Mohan came out of lawyer room, Sudha was standing outside.. All this conversation of Mohan and his lawyer was heard by Sudha..

She looked at Mohan with teary eyes and said, “Mohan.. I also want to save our marriage.. I want to be with you..”

Saying this, she hugged Mohan.. While both lawyers were standing there looking at each other..

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