Dispute Between Monkey and Lion Story

Dispute Between Monkey and Lion StoryOnce upon a time, there was dispute between lion and monkey and topic of debate was – Intelligence is Superior to Strength.

According to lion, strength was superior but monkey said that intelligence was superior. Both had their own arguments and were trying to prove themselves right.

Monkey said, “Intelligence is best. With intelligence you can do any work and solve every problem, no matter how difficult it is.”

Hearing monkey argument, lion got angry and said, “Silence. Nothing can stand in front of strength. I am strong and if i want, i can use my strength this very moment to take your life.”

Even after listening to this, monkey remained calm and said, “Your Majesty, i am going now. But i still believe that intelligence is superior to strength. One day i will prove it to you.”

Many days passed since this. Monkey and lion didn’t even came face to face.

One day, while returning to his cave, lion fell into a pit covered with leaves and hurt his leg. He somehow came out of the pit but found himself standing in front of a hunter pointing gun at him.

Lion was injured and in that state he was not able to run.

Just then, stones started raining on the hunter from somewhere. Hunter was shocked and before he could understand anything, a stone hit his head. Hunter shivered with pain and ran away to save his life.

Lion was also surprised to see this and started looking around.

Just then, he saw monkey sitting on tree. Monkey looked at lion and said, “What happened to your strength? Despite being so strong, your life was at stake.”

Lion asked, “Why are you here?”

Monkey replied, “From many days, i had kept an eye on that hunter. One day i saw him digging a pit near your cave and understood that he was trying to hunt you. That’s why i thought of an idea and collected a lot of stones on this tree, so that if needed, i can use them against hunter.”

Lion understood that monkey’s intelligence saved his life.

He thanked monkey for saving his life and said, “Today, you have proved that Intelligence is Superior to Strength. I have realized my mistake. I have understood that strength does not remain the same at all times and in all circumstances but intelligence remains with us at all times and in all circumstances.

Monkey replied, “I am glad you understood this. From today’s incident you can see that – The hunter was less in strength than you but in spite of this he got control over you with his intelligence. Similarly, I was less in strength than the hunter but using intelligence, I scared him away. That’s why everyone says that intelligence is far superior to strength.”

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