Disciples Question – What is Most Powerful Thing?

Disciples Question - What is Most Powerful ThingOne day, in Gurukul, a debate broke out among disciples about – What is the most powerful thing in the world?

Everyone was saying one or other thing.

When they were not able to reach any conclusion, all disciples went to Guru ji.

Guru ji listened to what disciples had to say and then after some thought, he angrily said, “Have you all lost your mind? Why are you asking me these meaningless questions?”

Saying this, he left from there.

No one expected this reaction from Guru ji, as he used to stay calm always. Seeing this, all disciples got angry and started criticising this behaviour of Guru ji among themselves.

After a while, Guru ji returned to disciples and said, “I am proud of all of you. You all do not waste even a single moment of your time, you discuss about knowledge even during your leisure time.”

Hearing words of praise from Guru, disciples felt proud, everyone face blossomed.

Guru ji then said to all his disciples, “My dear disciples, today, you must have found my behaviour somewhat strange. This is to answer your question.

See, when i got angry and shouted you for asking question, you all got angry and started criticising me but when i praised you, you all became happy.

There is no other powerful thing in the world than Speech.

A friend can be turned into an enemy and and an enemy can turn into friend only by speech. Every person should use such a powerful thing carefully, One should think before speaking.”

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