Disciple Question – Why is Discipline Important?

Disciple Question to Acharaya - Why is Discipline ImportantIn ancient times, In a Gurukul lived Acharya Sumedh with his disciples. He was very knowledgeable and adhered to discipline.

One day after end of lesson, one of his disciple named Vartant asked him, “Acharayvar! Intellectual sharpness is basis of learning. Despite this why do you always talk about tying our whole life in rigid discipline?”

Acharaya Sumedh replied, “When time comes, you will get the answer.”

After some days, Acharaya went out with all this disciples went out for a walk. While walking they all reached at bank of river Ganga. Seeing river Ganga flow and waves everyone was fascinated.

Seeing this, Acharya asked Vartant, “Do you know from where river Ganga journey starts and where it ends?”

Vartant instantly replied, “Yes Acharaya! Ganga comes from Gomukh and at end merges into Ganagsagar.”

Acharaya then pointing towards bank of river asked, “OK. If these two banks of Ganges are not there, will it be able to travel so long?”

Vartant replied instantly, “No! Absolutely not. Because if these river banks were not there then Ganges water would scatter everywhere and people would not be able to receive benefits that they get from Ganges when it flows within boundary of river banks.”

Happy with Vartant answer, Acharaya said, “This is the answer to question you asked that day. If there is no discipline in student life then his life energy will be scattered and he will not be able to full use of his potential. Body and mind of such person would be languid, soulless.

Without discipline achieving aim of life will not be possible for that student because Learning can be imbibed only by staying in discipline.

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One thought on “Disciple Question – Why is Discipline Important?

  1. This story should be very effective in illustrating the importance of discipline to children.
    It is very short and simple, but brings out the message so clearly.

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