Disciple Question – What is this World in Your Eyes?

Disciple Question - What is this World in Your EyesOne day a disciple asked his Guru, “Gurudev, What is this world in your eyes?”

To answer this, His Guru narrated a story.

Once in a city, there was a glass palace. In that palace there were hundreds of mirrors fixed on every wall.

One day, an angry dog entered that palace. Inside, he saw hundreds of dogs, who looked very angry and sad. Seeing them, that dog started barking at them.

Because of mirrors, he started seeing hundreds of dogs barking at him. He ran away from there, in fear. After going some distance, he thought to himself that there could be no worse place than this.

After a few days, another dog entered that palace.

He was cheerful and lively. As soon as he entered the palace, he saw hundred of dogs welcoming him by wagging their tails. Seeing this, dog confidence increased and looked at them happily. He saw hundreds of dog looking back at him happily.

There was no limit to his happiness. When he came out of the palace, he thought that palace to be best place in the world. Where he had best experience of his life.

He left from there happily.

After finishing story, Guru said to his disciple that world is also like this. Here person gets response according to his own thoughts.

People who consider the world a place of happiness. They leave from here with experiences of happiness and joy.

People who consider this world a place of sorrow. They are left with nothing but sorrow and bitterness.

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