Disciple Question to Saint – How You Remain Calm All the Time?

Disciple Question to Saint - How You Remain Calm All the TimeOnce upon a time, a saint was sitting in his ashram. He had a disciple who used to get angry at little things.

One day disciple came to him and said, “Guru ji, you meet everyone with love neither do you get angry at anyone, how? Please tell me what is secret to this?”

Saint replied, “I don’t know about this but i do know your one secret.”

Disciple got surprised and asked, “My secret! What is that?”

“You are going to die after seven days.”, saint spoke sadly.

If someone else had said this, disciple could have dismissed as joke but it was words of his Guru.

Listening to this, he became sad and took blessings of his Guru and left from ashram.

From that moment, nature of disciple completely changed. Now, when he met with anyone, he would talk with love and never got angry at anyone.

Spending most of his time in meditation and worship. He also went to those with whom he had ever misbehaved and apologized to them.

Within no time, last day of week came. Disciple thought to meet his Guru one last time and take his blessings.

He went to his Guru and said, “Guru ji, my time is about to end. Please bless me.”

Saint said, “My blessings are always with you my son. Tell me how were your last few days? Did you get angry with people?”

Disciple replied, “No, no absolutely not. I only had seven days to live, then how could i waste it on useless things! I met everyone with love and also sought forgiveness from those whom i had ever hurt.”

Guru ji smiled and said, “That is secret of my good behavior. I know that i can die at anytime, so i meet lovingly with everyone and never get angry with others.”

Disciple understood that his Guru had shown him fear of death to teach him this lesson of life.

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