Disciple Challenge to Old Swordsman!!

Disciple Challenge to Old Swordsman!!Once in a Kingdom, lived a great swordsman. There was not other swordsman like him in that whole kingdom. With his swordsmanship, many times he had helped King of his kingdom to win wars. That’s why everyone in kingdom respected him a lot.

Swordsman grew old with passage of time and didn’t want his art to leave this world with him. So, he announced in kingdom that whoever wants to learn sword fighting can come to him and learn.

Many youths from kingdom came to him and became his disciples and started learning sword fighting. He started teaching every trick of art he had learned in his life, to his disciples.

One of those disciples was extraordinary and soon learned all the tricks of swordsmanship and became a proficient in swordsmanship.

After becoming proficient, he became proud of his sword fighting and started considering himself as a greater swordsman than his master. But still he did not get the same prestige as his master.

Now, he started thinking of new ways to get prestige. One day he thought why not challenge his master thinking that if he could defeat his master then people will accept him as greater swordsman.

So, he went and challenged his old master to a sword fight. Old swordsman accepted the challenge and match was fixed between the two, to be held seven days later.

This match became talk of entire kingdom. Even King was eager to see this match.

Disciple had full faith in his swordsmanship but as days passed, he started losing his confidence. He started feeling anxious and started thinking that his teacher must have not have taught him all his tricks.

So he started to keep eye on his master, so that he could know if there was any trick he didn’t learn before and his master might use in fight.

One day he saw that his master was going somewhere. Disciples started following him.

Disciple saw that, his master reached to blacksmith and ordered him to prepare a sheath 15 feet long. Seeing this, disciple thought that his teacher must be planning to behead him from a distance by making a 15 feet long sword.

So, without wasting time, he went to another blacksmith and got a 16 feet long sword made from him.

The day of the match arrived.

Master and disciple both were face to face with each other. As soon as the fight started, old master took out the sword from the sheath and put it on the neck of the disciple while disciple kept taking out his 16 feet long sword from the sheath.

Disciple lost match because old swordsman had made a sheath of 15 feet but sword he kept it in was a normal sword.

Every battle in life is not won with the help of strength and power because Strength and power also fade in front of self-knowledge and experience.

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