Reply to Monk’s Question – Working Men Thinking!

Working Man Different Reply to Monk QuestionWhile passing by a village, a monk saw that some men were working with stones. Monk went to a man working there and said, “What is being made here?”

He replied angrily, “Do you not see that i am cutting stones?”

Again monk said, “Yes, i can see but i am asking what i being made here?”

He shouted, “I don’t know. I am dying here working and you are worried about what will be made here. Leave.”

Listening this monk moved forward and went to another man working there and asked, “What will be made here?”

Laborer replied, “I am working for money. I will get 100rs as daily wages that what only matter to me. I have no idea what is being made here..”

Monk moved forward. He saw another man working there. Monk went to him and asked, “What is being made here?”

He smiled and replied, “Temple.”

Monk asked, “You look so happy. Don’t you feel tired working here on such hot day?”

Man replied, “No. I don’t feel tired.”

He continued, “There is no big temple in this village and because of that people of this village had to go to another village to celebrate. I also belong to this village.

When i hit stone with a chisel, i hear melodious music in the sound of that hit of chisel. I feel bliss.

After few days when temple construction will be completed and ready to be worshiped. Fair will be held and people of this village will be able to come here for singing prayers.

When i keep thinking about all this, how much happiness will it bring to people in village coming here then all this work doesn’t feel like work to me. I feel like i am always having fun.

I sleep at night with imagination of temple and wake up in the morning and walk here to carve pillars for the temple.

Sometimes i start singing bhajan while working. I have never enjoyed working so much in my life.”

Monk smiled and left thinking – This is secret of life, happy life. It just difference of thinking and opinion only. Someone is considering work as burden and spent whole life fretting and wailing while someone is enjoying life by considering working as fun and pleasure.

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