Different Answer for Same Question..!

Different Answer for Same Question - Short Stories about Human NatureOnce an old man was sitting at gate of a town. A man, horse rider, saw him and stop there.

He asked to old man, “What are the people of this town like?”

Old man asked, “Why do you ask this?”

Rider replied, “People of town i came from are very indecent. I was upset and disturbed by them. So, i had to leave that town. Now, i want to become resident of some new town. That’s why i am asking you about people of this town.”

Old man replied, “Brother, if that case then you better move on. People of this town are even worse, they are more wicked, more indecent. Here you will get into trouble, you go and look somewhere else.”

Rider moved on.

Just behind him another rider came. Man looked around and then stop near old man and said, “How are people of this village?.”

Old man asked again, “How were people of village you have left?”

Man replied, “People of that village were very loving and friendly. Everyone cared for each other and helped at times of need. I didn’t want to leave but for some reason i had to leave that town. Now i am looking for a new place to live.”

Old man replied, “You are welcome. You will find people of this village even more loving than people of that village.”

A man who was sitting there, heard both conversation.

Man said to old man, “You surprised me. To first person you said that villagers were vile and wicked and that why he should move on but when other one came, you said to him that he need not to go any further as people of this village are very loving. Why so?”

Old man replied, “People are just the way you are. Everywhere men are same. What matter is how you live.

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