Deep Meaning – Way to Make Life Better..!!

Deep Meaning Moral Stories - Saint Teaching to Student Best Short StoriesOnce a man went to saint and said, “I desire to make my life better and beautiful. Please tell me Way by which I can make my Life better.”

Saint had things kept beside him. He picked up some cotton, one candle and one needle from those things and gave it to man.

After giving these things saint said, “Here take these.. and now you can leave..”

After taking those things man left but he was still confused because he didn’t know what to do with those things. He was thinking why saint gave him those things but was not able to understand meaning of those things and how those things can help him make his life better.

So, he went back to saint and said, “Maharaja, I am not able to understand why you gave me all those things?? How are these things going to help me in making my life better??”

Saint smiled and said, “Each things i gave have deep meaning of their own.”

Saint explained..

** Cotton that i gave you, the beauty of cotton is that, It is used to make thread which is used to make clothes that covers that honor of every man.
Similarly, God’s man is one who helps in defending honors of others and protects them..

** Candle that i gave you burns and melts to give light to others.

Similarly, You should try to be like candle, a person who lights the life of others..

** Last thing that i gave you is needle, Without needle no torn clothes can be stitched together.

Similarly, in this world person who help to mend broken hearts and helps people at time of their need is loved by God..

At end saint said, “That’s all i can teach you.”

After listening this, man understood the meaning of life. he thanked saint and left for his home.

Helping Other and Protecting other without any Expectation is the Best way to Live a Beautiful Life.

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