Deceit of the Mind – Cat and Lamp Story

Deceit of the Mind - Cat and Lamp StoryA saint had kept a cat. During the evening Satsang, saint would light lamp and place it on cat’s forehead to dispel darkness of night. That cat was stay still for whole time and it would not let that lamp fall from her head.

People who used to come to Satsang, used to get surprised to see this kind of dedication of cat and for not getting distracted by things going around. They would praise it for being so intelligent.

One day, a man thought of a trick of find out the reality of cat.

That man caught a mouse from somewhere and hid it in his clothes and went to Satsang.

Like everyday, a lamp was placed on cat’s forehead and Satsang begin. After sometime, that man secretly left the mouse in front of cat.

As soon as cat saw that mouse, forgetting everything, it pounced on the mouse to catch it and lamp fell from it’s head, causing darkness.

Our MIND is also like that CAT

As long as, we attend Satsang, we talk of knowledge, we don’t see any desired object in front of us, we remain calm like that cat and keep believing that nothing distracts us.

But as soon as any desired object appears in front of us, we start behaving. At that time, we don’t think of any knowledge or learning, we drop the lamp of our knowledge and mind become obsessed.

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