Deal of Bird with Golden Feather!! Loss Due to Shortcut

Deal of Bird with Golden Feather!! Loss Due to ShortcutOnce in a forest lived a beautiful bird with golden wings. Her favorite food was the insects living on the trunk of trees.

One day, while searching for food, she saw a man was walking fast through forest carrying a small wooden box. Bird was surprised to see man’s haste and stopped him and asked, “What’s matter? Why are you in such hurry?”

Man replied, “Since morning i was collecting insects living in tree trunks. I have filled this wooden box with those insects. Now, i will go to the village market, which is on other side of forest and sell these insects there. I need money to buy a golden feather and need to reach market before it close. That’s why i am in hurry.”

Hearing this, bird thought, “He wants feather and i want insects. We both have things of each other need. Why don’t i give him one of my feather and take this box filled with insects.”

Thinking this, bird said, “If you give me this box filled with insects, in return i will give you a golden feather.”

Man agreed. Bird happily gave him one of its feather and took all insects and at same time, it convinced man to bring insects in exchange for golden feather again.

From that day on wards, bird started getting insects without any efforts and in return would break one of her feather.

Birds day started passing happily without wandering here and there. While doing this, soon bird’s wings started dying and it started having trouble flying.

Then a day came when all her feathers were finished. Now, bird was not able to fly at all.

On other hand, not getting any more feather, man stopped bringing insects for it. Now, bird was helpless and couldn’t even go in search of food. Within few days bird died of hunger and thirst.

There is no shortcut to success. Sometimes the success achieved by shortcut can have serious consequences. That’s why always believe in hard work. Sooner or later, success is definitely achieved by the right hard work and that success remains for a long time.

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