Cunning Landlord and His Servant

Cunning Landlord and His Servant - Funny Interesting ReplyOnce a farmer bought a roasted chicken and a bottle of fresh fruit juice as gift to his landlord. Landlord wanted to send these things to his home, so he called his servant.

Landlord was cunning and didn’t want his servant to know about food. So while giving him those things he said, “Take these to my home but remember not to remove cloth or the bird will fly away and don’t open the bottle as it is filled with poison even if you sniff you will die. Understand?”

Servant nodded.

Servant knew his master very well and got suspicious. So on his way to home, servant found a comfortable corner and sat down with things. When removed cloth he saw roasted chicken and bottle of juice.

He ate whole chicken and drank all the juice.

On other hand, landlord reached his home during lunch time and asked his wife to serve the food.

His wife said, “Wait for sometime. Food isn’t prepared yet.”

Landlord said, “Give me the chicken and juice of bottle that i send. That will be enough.”

His wife replied that his servant haven’t come home yet. Landlord got very angry and without saying anything or eating food, he went back to his work place to check on his servant.

On reaching work place, he saw that servant was sleeping peacefully.

Landlord woke him up, shouting, “Where are the things i gave you to bring home?”

Servant innocently replied, “Master, while i was going home, there was so much wind that cloth covering the bird flew away and as you said as soon as cloth flew, bird also flew away.

Seeing this i got afraid that you would punish me, so i opened the bottle and drank whole poison and Now here i am waiting for death to come.”

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