Crow Flying Holding Piece of Meat..!

Crow Flying Holding Piece of Meat..!A crow was flying with big piece of meat in his mouth. While later, flock of eagles started following it. Seeing this crow got very scared.

He started flying higher and higher to avoid them but poor crow could not get rid of those eagles.

Only then Garuda (an ancient bird) saw this and felt pity for crow. He came close to crow and asked, “What happened? You seem very worried.”

Crow said while crying said, “Whole flock of eagles is coming after me to kill me.”

Garuda laughed and said, “They are not out to kill you but are after the piece of meat that you are holding tightly in your beak.. Leave it and see what happen then..”

Still crow didn’t want to leave that piece of meat but after a while when crow couldn’t keep flying higher and eagles were about to reach him, following Garuda advice, crow dropped the piece of meat from its beak. Immediately, whole flock of eagles followed the failing piece of meat.

Crow heaved a sigh of relief.

Garuda said, “Sorrow and pain remain only as long as we hold on to it. By knowing the reason and giving up our attachment to that thing, all our sorrowed, all our pain will end immediately.”

Crow bowed down and thanked Garuda for his advice.

We consider Relationships or Valuable things as our own and always carry their Burden. Saints explain that we had come into this world Empty handed and will leave empty handed still we keep Longing for all these worldly Materialist things.

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