Competition to Climb Tree – Frog Story about Others Comment

Competition to Climb Tree - Frog Story about Others CommentOnce upon a time, many frogs lived in a pond. Among those frogs there was a King. One day King frog decided do to a competition.

There was tree in a pond. King frog said, “Whoever climbs this tree will be called victorious.”

This competition was accepted by all frogs and competition was organised the next day. All frogs got ready to participate in this competition.

As soon as competition started, all frogs started climbing tree one by one. Some frogs climbed up and then slipped. Similarly, many frogs kept climbing up and slipping and then falling down. Meanwhile, some frogs accepted defeat and stopped climbing.

But some frog kept climbing, those who who could not climb left.

Those who were not able to climb, he was saying, “Nobody will be able to climb it. It is impossible, impossible. No one can do it.”

Hearing this, many frogs who were still trying, gave up and accepted defeat. But despite all this, one frog kept trying.

Due to continuous efforts he was finally able to climb that tree. All other frogs were surprised by this and praised him.

Everyone was asking, how that frog was able to do it.

Seeing others reaction, after a while winner frog said, “I am deaf, i can’t hear anything. When i was climbing, i felt that all these frogs who were standing below were encouraging me saying – You can do it. Because of all the Encouragement, i finally climbed this tree.”

At end, He was rewarded by King frog for his win.

This story Teaches us that We should not pay attention to Any negative comments of people around us and only Focus on our Goals.

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