Compassion n Life Quotes by Dalai Lama

Compassion n Life Quotes by Dalai Lama#Life

Sometimes one creates a Dynamic impression by saying Something and Sometimes One creates as Significant an Impression by remaining Silent.

Although you may not Always be able to Avoid difficult situations, You can modify the Extent to which you can Suffer by how you Choose to respond to the Situation.

We can Live without Religion and Meditation but We cannot Survive without Human affection.

When we feel Love and Kindness toward Others, It not only makes others Feel loved and Cared for but It Helps us also to develop Inner Happiness and Peace.

No matter how Educated or Wealthy you are, If you don’t have Peace of Mind, You won’t be Happy.

Do not let the Behavior of others Destroy your Inner peace.

The Planet does not need more Successful people. The Planet desperately needs more Peacemakers, Healers, Restorers, Storytellers and Lovers of all kinds.

Even more important than the Warmth and Affection we receive, is the Warmth and Affection we give.

The Remedy is to look Deeper and Recognize that we Human beings are Physically, Mentally and Emotionally the same.

Don’t ever mistake my Silence for Ignorance, my Calmness for Acceptance or my Kindness for Weakness. Compassion and Tolerance are not a sign of Weakness but a Sign of Strength.

If a Problem can be Solved it will be. If it can not be Solved there is No use Worrying about it.



Love and Compassion are Necessities, not Luxuries. Without them, Humanity cannot Survive.

The Whole purpose of Religion is to facilitate Love and Compassion, Patience, Tolerance, Humility and Forgiveness.

Only the Development of Compassion and Understanding for others can bring us the Tranquility and Happiness we all seek.

Compassion is not Religious Business, It is Human business, It is not Luxury, It is essential for our own Peace and Mental stability, It is essential for Human Survival.

A truly Compassionate Attitude toward others does not Change even if they behave Negatively or Hurt you.

Compassion naturally creates a Positive Atmosphere and as a result you feel Peaceful and Content.

The Topic of Compassion is not at all Religious Business, It is important to know it is Human business, It is a question of Human Survival.

For our Life to be of Value, I think we must Develop basic Good human qualities – Warmth, Kindness, Compassion. Then our life becomes Meaningful and more Peaceful – Happier.

Anger and Hatred are Signs of Weakness, while Compassion is a sure Sign of Strength.

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