Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager!

Clever Old Lady Bet with Bank Manager Funny StoryOnce an old lady came to biggest bank of city and said that she wanted to deposit some money in the bank.

When staff asked how much, old lady replied that she wanted to deposit around 10lakhs but asked to meet bank manager before depositing her money.

Manager came cleared her queries. Then while talking he asked, “10lakhs is lot of money. What do you do?”

Old man replied, “Nothing special, i just bet.”

Surprised, manager asked, “You earned so much by betting!! Wonderful.”

Old lady replied, “It’s nothing. Even right now, I can bet for 1lakh rupees that you have put a wig on your head.”

Manager laughed and said, “No.. I am still young and do not wear wig.”

At this old lady said, “Then why not bet?”

Manager thought that old lady is crazy and is willing to put a bet of 1lakh which she would lose because i know that i don’t wear wig. I even told her that i don’t wear wig, still she wants to bet then why not take advantage.. It would be easy money.

Manager agreed to bet 1lakh.

Old lady said, “Since it’s matter of 1lakh, i will come tomorrow morning exactly at 10 o’clock with my lawyer and bet result will be decided in front of him.”

Manager replied, “Sure.”

Old lady left. Manager couldn’t sleep all night. He kept thinking about 1lakh rupees and that old lady.

Next morning exactly at 10 o’clock old lady reached manager’s cabin with her lawyer and said to manager, “Are you ready?”

Manager replied, “Absolutely.. ”

Old lady said, “Since lawyer is also present here, amount is big. So i want to confirm myself that you don’t wear any wig. I will look at your hairs myself.”

Manager thought for a moment and replied, “Sure.. After all it’s matter of 1lakh.”

Lady came near manager and grabbed manager’s hair and started pulling them… At same time, lawyer who came with old lady, started banging his head on wall…

Seeing this, manager asked old lady, “What happened to lawyer?”

Old lady replied, “Nothing. He just lost his bet. Yesterday, i made a bet of rupees 5lakh with him that, today at 10 o’clock in morning i will grab and pull hair of manager of biggest bank of this city.”

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