Choice: Heaven or Hell..?

Choices Short Story - Best Zen Short Story About Heaven or Hell EnglishOne day a very famous samurai came to Zen Master Hakuin. Being a samurai he knew only about life and death. So he just wanted to know where were the gates of heaven and hell. So that when the time comes he could escape hell and go to heaven.

So he asked Master, “Where is Paradise? Where is Hell? Where are gates for both??”

In reply master questioned him, “Who are you?”

Samurai replied, “I am leader of samurai’s. I am a warrior and even Emperor pays tribute to me.”

Master laughed and said, “Really?? You are leader of samurai’s?? But you like someone poor to me..”

Samurai Pride was hurt. He forgot why he came to master and at the same moment whipped out his sword and pointed it toward master to kill him.

As he pointed sword toward master, Master started to laugh and said, “This is the gate to hell. You will open it with your Ego by holding sword in anger.”

Samurai realized his mistake and calmed down and sheathed his sword.

Master continued, “Now when you calm down you open the gate of heaven.”

Gate to both Heaven and Hell are inside Us. If you are not Conscious enough and Act out of Anger paves path to the Gate of Hell and If you are Conscious and keep Calm at times this will Step toward Gate to Heaven.

Heaven and Hell are not after Life, They are here and Now. These gates are always open but your Choices at any Moment in Life, Pave path for you if its gonna be Heaven or Hell.

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