Child Want to Fit Ocean in a Cup! Deep Meaning Story

Child Want to Fit Ocean in a Cup! Deep Meaning StoryA saint was strolling on the beach. Seeing a child crying on sea shore, saint went near that child and lovingly asked him, “Son, why are you crying?”

Showing a cup in his hand, boy said, “I want to fill the ocean in this cup in my hand but it doesn’t fit in my cup.”

Hearing this, saint was astonished and started crying.

Child was startled seeing this and said, “Why are you crying?”

Saint replied, “Ocean doesn’t fit in my cup also.”

Child asked, “But where is your cup?”

Saint replied, “Child, you want to fill the ocean in small cup and i want to fill the information of whole world in my small mind. Today, after seeing you, i realized that an ocean can’t be contained in a cup.”

Hearing this child threw his cup in the ocean and said, “If ocean cannot fit into my cup then my cup can fit into it.”

Listening to this, saint fell at child’s feet and said, “Child, what a great thing you have said.”

Saint looked toward sky and said, “God, i can’t absorb all the knowledge of your world but i can get absorbed within you, get one with you.

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