Child Lesson to King! Be Humble

Child Lesson to King! Be HumbleOnce a King called his courts wise men and angrily said to them, “You all are here and people say that you are greatest wise men in this kingdom but it seems that i have not been able to learn anything from you. ”

He questioned, “What is matter? You all are here and yet i remain same then what are you doing here?”

At that time, a child was also present there who came there with one of the wise man. He laughed at this.

King asked, “Why are you laughing? It is insulting to court! Hasn’t anyone told you about manners?”

Child replied, “I am laughing because they are silent and i know why they are silent. I know why you haven’t been able to be benefited by them.”

King looked at child’s face and he could see innocent yet ancientness in his eyes, as if he carries all the knowledge from all his experiences in past.

King said to him, “Okay, then can you teach me something?”

Child said, “Yes”

King said, “Then teach me.”

Child said, “Ok if you wan to learn from me then you have to follow me and do what i ask you.”

Then he said, “First, you come down here where i am sitting and i will sit on throne. Then again ask me like a disciple, not like a master.”

King understood then that he couldn’t learn from those wise men not because they couldn’t teach but he was not ready, he was not receptive, not humble enough to learn from them.

Then King did as child said. When child sat on throne, he said to King, “Now, you ask like a disciple, not like an emperor.”

King never asked anything. He just thanked child and saying, “There is not need to ask. Just by sitting in a humble attitude near your feet, i have learned much.”

Humbleness is basic thing. If you are Humble then you will learn much even without wise man. You can Learn from trees, springs, wind. If you are Humble enough then whole existe

nce becomes teacher to you.

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