Chickens in Coup or Field? Master and Disciple Story

Chickens in Coup or Field? Master and Disciple StoryA disciple approached his master and said, “What do people need to be happy?”

Master asked, “What do you think?”

Disciple thought for a moment and said, “I feel that if one’s basic need is being met, having food and drink, a place to live, having a good job, having security.. If a person have all this then he will be happy.”

Hearing this, Master did not said anything and asked disciple to go on walk with him.

Master disciple walked for a while and then stopped near a door and said, “Open this door..”

Disciple opened the door and saw that there was a chicken coop in front of him. There was a number of chickens, all imprisoned in big cages.

Seeing it, disciple asked, “Why are you showing me this?”

Master started questioning while disciple was answering

Master – Do chicken get food?
Disciple – Yes.

Master – Do they have a house to live in?
Disciples – Yes.. kind of.

Master – Are they safe from cats or dogs?
Disciple – Hmm

Master – Does he have a egg?
Disciple – Yes, they lay eggs.

Master – Do you think they are happy?

Disciple started looking at those chicken closely. He didn’t know how to tell if they were happy or not..

While disciple was thinking, Master said, “Come with me.”

Both again started walking and after some time stopped near a big field. There were lots of chicken in field. They were neither imprisoned in any cage, nor there was anyone to feed them. They were themselves searching for food and playing with each other.

Master asked, “Do these chicken look happy?”

Disciple found this question a bit strange and he started thinking – environment here is bit different, chicken here are living in a natural way, eating, drinking and looking more healthy.

So, in muffled voice he replied, “Perhaps!!”

Master said, “Of course, these chicken are happy.”

Master continued, “Chicken in coup have all things you thought were necessary to be happy. Their basic needs like food, drink, shelter.. Everything is there but are they happy?

Where as chickens roaming in open have to find their own food, find place to live, protect themselves but still they are happy.. Why?”

Disciple couldn’t speak.

Then, in serious voice Master said, “In our life we all have to make a choice..

Either we can live like chickens in a cage, a life where we will no exist or we can live those chicken in fields, who can live a free life by taking risks and explore infinite possibilities.

You asked me about being happy.. Didn’t you?

So, here is my answer – You can not be happy just by breathing. To be happy you should have courage to life life freely.”

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