Oil Lamp and Traveler – Chanakya Story of Patriotism

Chanakya Story - Short Real Life Story abt True Patriotism n NationalismOnce a traveler came to meet Chanakya. When traveler reached Chanakya’s home, dusk and darkness had just started to set in.

When traveler entered inside, he saw that Chanakya was busy writing some papers under the light of an oil lamp (Because in those time there was no electricity).

Chanakya smiling welcomed guest and asked him to sit and then he quickly completed work he was doing.

Just after completing this work. Chanakya extinguished oil lamp under which he was doing work and then lit another lamp.

Traveler was surprised to see this but he thought may be this was a custom followed by Indians when guest arrives.

Still traveler got curious and asked, “Is this a custom India, when guest arrives at your house?”

Chanakya questioned, “What custom?”

Traveler replied, “I mean extinguishing one lamp and lighting up another lamp?”

Chanakya replied, “No, my dear friend. There is no such custom. Actually when you entered, i was working for an official work, pertaining to my empire, my nation.

This oil filled in this lamp was bought from the money of National treasury.

But now, i am talking to you. This is my personal and friendly conversation, not any work related to my nation. So i can not use that lamp now, as it will lead to wastage of money from National treasury.

Hence, i extinguished that lamp and lit this other lamp, since oil on this lamp has been bought from my personal money.”

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