Cat Offer to Dog – Story about Dependency

Cat Offer to Dog - Story about DependencyOne day, a cat was going somewhere and suddenly a huge and terrible dog appeared in front of it. Cat got scared seeing the dog and sensing danger, she started running away from dog but in agility cat was less than dog.

In a short while dog caught it.

Death was in front of cat. Seeing no other way, she started begging in front of the dog. But all the pleading had no effect on dog.

Then suddenly cat put a proposal in front of dog, “If you spare my life, then from tomorrow you will not need to go anywhere in search of food. I will take this responsibility. I will bring food for you everyday. If anything is left after you eat, give it to me. I will fill my stomach with that.”

This proposal of getting food to the dog everyday without working hard, stopped him from killing cat. He gladly accepted it. But at the same time he also warned the cat that the result of cheating would be dire.

Cat swore that she would keep her promise at any cost.

Dog became convinced. From that day on wards he started living on the food brought by the cat. There was no need for him to go anywhere in search of food. He would lie on his place all day long and wait for the cat.

Cat would also bring him food on time everyday. In this way a month passed. The dog did not go anywhere for a month. He just kept lying in one place. He became very fat and heavy by lying in one place and not doing any running.

One day, was very hungry, waiting for cat. When the cat did not come even after waiting for a long time, dog being impatient went out to find the cat.

He had reached only a short distance when his eyes fell on the cat. She was eating a mouse with great fun. Seeing this, dog growled angrily and said to cat, “You cheater, you have broken your promise. Now i will kill you.”

Saying this he rushed towards her but cat was already alert. She immediately ran away from there to save her life.

Dog also ran after him. But this time the cat turned out to be more agile than the dog. Dog had become so fat and heavy that it could not chase the cat for long and sat down tired. While running away with agility, cat disappeared.

Dependence on Others does not Last long. It makes us Lazy and Weak. If you want to be Successful in life then be Self-reliant.

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