Camels in Saint Convoy – Problems in Life

Camels in Saint Convoy - Problems in LifeOnce in a city, lived a man who was not happy with his life. He was always troubled by one or other problem.

One day, a Saint convoy stopped at some distance from city. People got to know about him and started reaching him with their problems.

Man also decided to visit Saint.

Even after reaching at Saint’s place in morning, man didn’t get opportunity to meet him till evening.

In evening when he met Saint, he said, “Maharaj, i am very unhappy with my life. Problems surround me all the time, sometimes there is tension at work place, sometimes conflicts at him, sometime i get worried about my health..

Please tell me such a solution that all problem will end from my life and i can live peacefully.”

Saint smiled and said, “Son, it is too late today, i will answer your question tomorrow. Will you do a small work for me?”

Man agreed.

Saint said, “There are hundred camels in our convoy. I want you to take care of them tonight. When all the hundred camels sit down, you can go to sleep.”

After saying this, Saint went into his tent to rest.

Next morning when Saint met that man, he asked, “Son, did you sleep well?”

Tired, being sad, man replied, “I couldn’t sleep even for a moment. I tried a lot but i could not make all camels sit. If i made one camel sit, then other would stand up.”

Saint said, “You realize that no matter how hard you try, not all camels can sit together..

If you make one sit, then some other camel will stand. Similarly if you solve one problem, for some reason another will arise.

Understand that, as long as there is life, problems will be there, sometimes less, some more..”

“Then what should i do?”, asked man.

Saint smiled and said, ”

What happened last night?
1. Many camels sat down on their own by nightfall,
2. You made many sit with your efforts,
3. Many camels did not sit even after your efforts and later you found that some of them sat down on their own.

Similarly are problems in life..
1. Some end on their own,
2. Some you solve with your own effort,
3. Some are not resolved even after you try a lot…? Leave such problems on time. They end on their own at the right time.

Therefore, Learn to enjoy life in spite of these problems..

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