Camel and Fox Story – Selfish Act..!!

Camel and Fox Moral Story - Never Act Selfish with Friends Stories fr KidsOnce a camel and fox became very good friends. They would look for food together and have fun.

One day while looking for food they saw a farm but they had to cross river to reach there. Camel knew how to swim but fox didn’t.

So camel said, “You can climb on my back and i will carry you across river..

Fox was happy and he hopped on camel’s back. Soon they both crossed river and made their way to farm. Arriving at farm, fox caught a chicken while camel dug up some fresh vegetables.

Fox quickly gobbled up his chicken but camel was slow with eating his vegetables. Despite seeing that fox said, “My friends, when i finish eating, i am accustomed to singing.. Now i shall sing..

Camel got scared and said, “Don’t sing yet.. I haven’t finished eating vegetables and if you sing now farmer will hear you and we will be in trouble..

Fox didn’t listen to him and started singing, hearing it farmer came out running with a very large stick..

Fox was small and quickly ran away but camel was slow and received many blows on his legs and back before being able to escape from farmer.

When camel came back to river, fox was waiting for him. Camel was very upset with him and questioned, “Why did you sang, when i was still eating my food.?”

Fox replied, “Because it’s a custom.. Now let me get on your back so that we can go back..”

Camel didn’t said anything more and let him climb on his back. Camel slowly started to walk across river and as soon as they reached half way in river, camel stopped and said, “When i am done eating, i am accustomed to take bath..

Listening to this fox got scared and they were in middle of river where water was deep and fox could have easily drowned. He pleaded, “Please.. Don’t take bath here. If you take bath i will be drowned in river..

Camel ignored him and lowered his back deep into river until the fox lost her grip on his back and began to splash around helplessly against the fast current.

“Help me..!! Help me..!!”, cried fox.

Camel got up and said, “Now you understand?? Are you sorry that because of your selfishness i got beaten by farmer..”

Fox cried, “Yes.. Yes.. i have realized my mistake.. Now please forgive me..”

Seeing this camel felt pity and swam the rest of the way across the river and climbed up the bank onto the warm grass.

One should not act Selfish and Know that if You do Wrong with someone then Other might do Wrong with you.. So be Careful about how you Act with others..

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