Cab Driver and Customer Conversation

Cab Driver and Customer ConversationShyam came out of airport and started waiting for his cab which he had already booked. He was worrying about if cab will come on time and take him to destination on time..

Just then a shiny new looking car stopped near him. Seeing that Shyam wondered for a moment whether if it was the cab he had booked. Then he checked, it was cab he had booked.

Driver came out of car and opened rear door of car for Shyam to sit. As soon as Shyam sat down, driver handed him a sheet of paper and said, “Sir, our mission statement is written on this paper. You sit comfortably and read it. Till then i will put your luggage in trunk.”

Shocked Shyam to that mission statement and started reading it.

It read – Welcome to our cab service. We will try to get you to your destination at the cheapest, safest and fastest possible price. You will not face any kind of problem. Your journey will be good.

A smile appeared on Shyam’s face as he read that sheet. Then he looked inside the car. It was clean.

By then driver had already sat on driving seat.

Driver turned on car AC and asked, “Sir, is AC temperature OK? If you want to change it, please feel free to know.”

Shyam replied, “No need. AC temperature is fine.”

After this cab driver extended a card to Shyam and said, “Sir, this card has complete details of all radio stations. Please let me know which radio station you want to listen to. I will play that.”

Shyam took that card. Just then driver said, “Sir! Today’s all newspaper are also available here. Tell me what you want to read.”

Shyam took a newspaper to read. Shyam was feeling much relaxed.

Driver again asked, “Sir, will you have some tea or coffee?”

Shyam replied, “Actually, i wanted a soft drink.”

“There is a small fridge right in front of you. You will find chilled water as well as variety of soft drink and ice cream available.”, said driver.

Shyam was surprised by facility being provided in cab. He was thinking about all this..

Cab driver again said, “Sir, if you want to ask something about this city, then tell me about it. In this way you will get information about place and your time will pass easily.”

Shyam didn’t ask about city but he asked, “Brother, do you always treat every customer this way? Do you always give all these facilities? Do you talk like this always?”

At this cab driver smiled and replied, “Yes sir. I have been driving cab since 5 years but i started giving these facilities an year ago.

One day while driving a cab, i was listening to a story on radio.

It was story of eagle and duck. It was told story about how ducks always complain and at same time, eagle always keep flying high.

It was told in that story that if we want to become something different, then we have to something different from this world.

That story stuck in my mind. When i saw my fellow cab drivers, i found that they are also doing same work that i am doing. We all were working tirelessly throughout the day and used to complain about life.

But that day, i thought i should do something different. Slowly i started adding one facility each and till date i am doing it.

You are very lucky sir that you got booking of my cab because my cab is always booked.

Once a passenger comes with me, he always wants to go with me. He takes my number and calls me when needed.

Many times when customer tries to book and i am already booked, i send my friend and don’t let them face any problem.”

In mean time, they reached destination. When Shyam got out, before leaving cab driver took out his business card and handed it to saying, “You also take this card, sir. If you ever need me, then definitely give me a call..”

Shyam had never got such a good driver till date. This journey of his became special for him.

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