Buying a Packet of Salt – Paying Neither More, Nor Less

Buying a Packet of Salt - Paying Neither More, Nor LessRamu was famous in entire village for his honesty and good nature. Once he invited some of his friends for dinner. His friends came early to help him to make food.

While doing preparation, Ramu realized that there was no salt left to cook food.

So, he called his son and giving him money, he said, “Son, go and buy a packet of salt from market. Before buying salt, keepĀ in mind that you buy salt at right price. Neither paying more, nor less.”

Son was surprised to hear and said, “Father, its understandable to advice, to not buy salt at higher price but buying it at less price would save our money, then what’s harm in buying for less?”

Ramu said, “No, son. Doing this can ruin our village. So, go and get salt at reasonable price.”

After this, son left for market.

Ramu’s friends were also listening to this and one of them said, “Brother, i don’t understand. How will our village be ruined if he buys salt at low price?”

Ramu said, “Just imagine why anyone would sell salt at low price, unless he is in dire need of money. And whoever takes advantage of his situation insults the laborer who have made that salt with sweat and hard work.”

Listening to this other friend said, “But still, how can our village we ruined by such simple thing?”

Ramu said, “In beginning there was no dishonesty in society but we started adding a pinch of dishonesty with small acts thinking that what would happen with such small act. But see for yourself, where we are now! Today, we are longing for a pinch of honesty.”

It teaches us to be completely honest in even small matters and teaches us to be sensitive towards others.

Many times in our day to day life, we behave in a way that we know deep down is wrong. But then we convince ourselves by thinking, that what will happen from this? and do wrong things and thus add our share of dishonesty to society.

Lets all try to be honest in our daily lives.

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