Butterfly Struggle Story

Butterfly Struggle Story - Inspirational Stories for LifeOne day a man found cocoon of butterfly. He saw a small opening and set there to watch butterfly who was struggling to force it body through the hole. Man watched this whole process for several hours.

After some hours butterfly stopped making any progress and it seemed like it reached it limit to put effort to get through that hole. So man decided to help it and with the help of pair of scissors he snipped off the remaining bit of cocoon so that butterfly can emerge out of that hole easily.

After removing cocoon man sat there expecting butterfly to fly expanding its wings to support its body after been free from cocoon but nothing happened. Instead of it he saw a swollen body and small shriveled wings.

In fact that butterfly was never able to fly again and crawled for rest of its life around.

What man did was hi kindness but what he didn’t understand was that the struggle that butterfly did to get through that hole was God’s way to force fluids from the body of butterfly into wings so that it could be ready to fly once it received its freedom from cocoon.

Sometimes Struggles are Exactly what We need, Its God way to make us stronger.

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Butterfly Struggle Story – Inspirational Stories for Life, Stories to Inspire you to Get through Rough time of Life, Don’t Lose Hope Moral Stories

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