Businessman and Dog Story – How Karma Works

Businessman and Dog Story - How Karma WorksOnce a successful businessman was getting ready to go to his office. He got out of his house and reached his car. As soon as he opened door of his car, a stray dog who was sleeping under his car suddenly came out and bit on his leg.

Businessman got very angry and quickly picked up few rocks from sides and threw them at dog to hit him but dog ran away.

After a while, when businessman reached his office, he called a meeting with his managers and during meeting he put the anger of dog on them.

Managers also got upset because of this and they put their anger to the employees working under them and this chain kept going till the lower level and finally anger reached to office peon.

But there was no one working under peon, so when office time was over, he reached his home late.

His wife opened door and asked, “Why are you late?”

Peon was angry because of anger threw at him by staff, he shouted at her, “I didn’t go to office to play football, i was at work so don’t irritate me with your stupid questions”

Now, wife got upset that she got scolded for no reason and she put her anger on his son who was watching TV and got angry at him saying, “This is all you do, you have no interest in studying. Turn off TV now and go to study.”

Kid got upset and walked out of his house. He saw a dog passing by looking at him, he picked up a rock and hit dog in his anger and frustration. Dog getting hit by a rock away barking in pain.

Dog getting hit by rock, runs away barking in pain.

This was the same dog that bit the businessman early morning.

This shows how Life works, while one worry about Hell and Heaven based on our Deeds, we should Concentrate more on How we are Living and Behaving.

 Do Good, Good will Come. Do Wrong, Wrong will come.

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