Bus Stuck in Tunnel – Story with Deep Meaning

Bus Stuck in Tunnel - Story with Deep MeaningA school used to organise a fun trip for it’s student every year. This year also trip was planned for its young students. Everyone was excited for trip. On decided day, all kids gather and got on school bus. On time, bus left school premises.

On way, there was a tunnel from which bus had to pass to reach destination. On reaching there, bus driver saw a board on which it was written that РHeight of tunnel is 5 meter.

Height of bus was also approx 5 meter. Since,¬†school used to organise this trip every year, bus driver had gone through that tunnel many times. so driver didn’t stop the bus.

Usually bus could pass through without any problem but this time after enter tunnel, somewhere in middle, bus roof got rubbed against that of tunnel and bus got stuck there.

This frightened children.

When teachers questioned, bus driver said, “Every year i drive bus through tunnel without any problem but i don’t why it got stuck today!!”

Listening to this, a man who got there, said, “Recently, this road has been paved, so the level of road has been raised a little.”

Seeing, bus stuck, people started to gather there, trying to help.

A man tied his car with bus using rope and tried to pull it but rope broke. Some suggested to bring a strong crane to get bus out. Other suggested digging and breaking the road.

In midst of these various suggestions, a child got off bus and said, “Why not, let out some air from tires and then bus height will get bit lower, away from tunnel roof and we will be able to pass safely through this tunnel.”

Everyone was amazed at kid’s brilliant advice and did same. Bus came out of that tunnel safely.

Similarly in our life journey, we get stuck because of Ego, Pride etc. If we remove these things from with in us then it will become easier for us to pass through tunnel of this life.

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