Burning House and It’s Owner – Cause of Sorrow

Burning House and It's Owner - Cause of SorrowIn a city, there was luxurious house which was considered most beautiful house in that city. Whenever people see it, they couldn’t leave without praising. Owner was very proud of his house.

Once owner of house went out of city for few days for work. When he returned he was surprised to see some smoke coming out of his house. On getting closer look, he could see flames rising from his beautiful house. It was burning. Near by there was a crowd of spectators who were watching all this.

Seeing his house burning in front of him, he panicked and was thinking, “What to do now? How to save house from burning?”

Soon, he started pleading for help from people gather around.

At same time, his eldest son came and said, “Don’t panic dad. Everything will be alright..”

Father got annoyed and said, “How not to panic? Our house is burning.”

Son replied, “Father, I am sorry. I didn’t tell you earlier. A few days ago when your were gone out of city, i found a great buyer for this house and he proposed to me amount three times value of this house. Deal was so good that I couldn’t refuse and finalized the deal without getting your consent.”

Hearing this father worry lessened and he breathed a sigh of relief and stood there as if everything was fine. Now, he became a spectator like other people and was watching that house burning.

Just then his second son came and said, “Dad, our house is burning and you are standing here watching it burn. Why don’t you do something?”

“Son, don’t worry. Your elder brother had sold this house at very good price. It is no longer ours. So we need not to worry about it burning.”,father replied.

Second son said, “Dad, brother had done the deal but it’s deal haven’t confirmed. We haven’t even got money yet. Why will he pay for this burning house?”

Hearing this, father became worried again and started thinking how to control fire. He again started pleading to people standing there for help.

Just then his third son came and said, “Father, you don’t need to panic. I am just coming from the house of man to whom elder brother has sold the house. I meet him and he said that i never go back on my backs and my ideals says that no matter what happens, i must stick to what i promised. Therefore, whatever happens i will still buy home and will also give money.”

Father again became relived and started watching house burning.

When house was burning, It’s master thinking changed many times and because of that his behavior changed.

When we get attached to something and it is taken away, we feel sad. But if we look at something which is not related to us, then we feel a different freedom and sorrow doesn’t even touch us.

Therefore, being sad or not being completely depends on our thinking and mindset. By controlling thinking or giving it the right direction, we can avoid many sorrows and troubles and achieve new heights in life.

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