Bundles on Tree – God and Man Story (Must Read)

Bundles on Tree - God and Man Story (Must Read)Once upon a time, a sad devotee was complaining to God, “You don’t take care of me. I am such a big devotee of you, i serve you day and night. Still why do i have to suffer the most in my life?

There are so many problems. Till i finish dealing with one, another trouble is ready. You listen to other. You give happiness to everyone, but i got only sorrow.”

Just then he heard voice of God in his conscience, “No, my son! Everyone has their own sorrows and troubles. Each one gets to live life according to his own karma. This is just your misunderstanding.”

But no devotee was not ready to listen. Finally, understanding his ignorant devotee, God, tired of explaining to him, figured out a solution.

God said, “Okay, let me give you one more chance to change your luck.”

God directed devotee toward a tree and said, “Look at this big old tree. Everyone had tied their sorrows, pain, troubles, poverty, diseases, worries etc. in a bundle and hanged them on this tree.

Whatever may be your sorrow, go and make bundle of all your troubles and hang it on that tree, like all others. This will solve your problem.”

Devotee jumped with joy and as he was about to go to that tree. God said, “But i have small condition.”

Devotee asked, “What condition?”

God replied, “When you have made a bundle of all your sorrows, troubles and hang it on it, then you will have to bring any bundle already hanging on that tree, for you..”

Devotee felt this a bit strange but thought, “It will be okay.”

Then he made a bundle of all his problems and sorrows and hung it on the tree.

After hanging it, he thought, “One thing done. Now i will have no worries in life. But God said to take a bundle from the tree, before returning.”

Then he looked around tree, thinking, “OK, which one should i take.. ”

Little one will be fine.. Second moment he thought but i don’t know what in it. I should take another one.. but what if there is any serious disease in it. No.. No… Well i will take this one. But i don’t know whose it is, what kind of sadness it has.

Devotee got confused and upset.

As long as it is not known what sorrows, troubles, worries and troubles are there in other bags, till then it seems fine but if there is more sorrow in them then their own.. What will one do?

Devotee called to God, “Where are you?”

God said, “Why? What happened? Pick it up as you like..”

Devotee fell on knees, with folded hands, he said, “No God, I was naive who considered himself the most unhappy. There are countless like me here and i don’t even know what is their sorrow and concern.

I know at least my own problems, sorrow.. I will fight with courage, i will face them and not run away from them.

Thank you God for showing me the truth. When you are with me, i can face any problem in life..”

God then smiled and said, “This exchange offer is open to all forever.”

Everyone is suffering but we see only our own, that’s why we are worried, in reality, many people are more upset than us.

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