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Buddha Quotes - Words of Wisdom by Buddha Motivational QuotesThe Past is already Gone, the Future is not yet Here. There’s only One Moment for you to Live.

Teach this Triple Truth to all: A Generous Heart, kind Speech and a Life of Service and Compassion are the things which Renew Humanity.

A Man is not called Wise because He talks and talks again But if He is Peaceful, Loving and Fearless then He is in Truth called Wise.

Meditation brings Wisdom, Lack of Meditation leaves Ignorance. Know well what Leads you Forward and what Holds you Back and Choose the Path that Leads to Wisdom.

There are only Two Mistakes one can make along the Road to Truth: Not going all the Way and Not starting.

The Whole secret of Existence is to have No Fear. Never Fear what will become of You, Depend on No one. Only the Moment you Reject all Help are you Freed.

In the Sky, There is No Distinction of east and west. People create Distinctions out of Their own Minds and then Believe them to be True.

If the Problem can be Solved – Why Worry? If the Problem cannot be Solved – Worrying will Do you No Good.

There isn’t enough Darkness in all the World to Snuff out the Light of One little Candle.

Imagine that Every person in the world is Enlightened but You. They are all your Teachers, Each doing just the Right things to Help you.

On Life’s journey Faith is Nourishment, Virtuous deeds are a Shelter, Wisdom is the Light by Day and Right Mindfulness is the Protection by Night. If a Man lives a Pure life, Nothing can Destroy him.

Thousands of Candles can be Lit from a Single candle and the Life of the Candle will not be Shortened. Happiness never Decreases by being Shared.

As Rain falls equally on the Just and the Unjust, Do not Burden your Heart with Judgement but Rain your Kindness equally on All.

Like a fine Flower, Beautiful to look at but Without Scent, Fine words are Fruitless in a Man who does not Act in Accordance with them.

Just as the Great ocean has One taste, the Taste of Salt, so also this Teaching and Discipline has one Taste, the Taste of Liberation.

Long is the Night to him who is Awake, Long is a Mile to him who is Tired, Long is Life to the Foolish who do not know the True Law.

The True Master lives in Truth, in Goodness and Restraint, Non-violence, Moderation and Purity.

Just as Treasures are Uncovered from the Earth, so Virtue appears from Good deeds and Wisdom appears from a Pure and Peaceful mind. To Walk safely through the Maze of Human life, One needs the Light of Wisdom and the Guidance of Virtue.

Offend in neither Word nor Deed. Eat with Moderation. Live in your Heart. Seek the Highest Consciousness. Master yourself according to the Law. This is the simple Teaching of the Awakened.

Being deeply Learned and Skilled, being Well trained and using Well spoken Words: This is Good Luck.

An Insincere and Evil friend is more to be Feared than a Wild beast, a Wild beast may Wound your Body but an Evil friend will Wound your Mind.

Generosity brings Happiness at Every stage of its Expression. We Experience Joy in forming the Intention to be Generous. We Experience Joy in the Actual act of Giving something and We Experience joy in Remembering the Fact that we have Given.

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