Buddha Quotes on Happiness n Anger

Buddha Quotes Happiness and Anger - Negative Thoughts Quotes#Happiness

Happiness comes When your Work and Words are of Benefit to Others.

Happiness Never Decreases by Being Shared.

Happiness is not Having a Lot. Happiness is Giving a lot.

There is No path to Happiness. Happiness is the Path.

Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination.

Happiness does not Depend on What you Have or Who you are. It solely Relies on What you Think.

A Disciplined Mind brings Happiness.

Happiness will Never come to those who Fail to Appreciate what they Already have.

One who Acts on Truth is Happy in this World and Beyond.

A Man said to Gautama Buddha, “I want Happiness.”
Buddha said, “First remove I, that’s Ego then remove want, that’s Desire. See now you are left with only Happiness.”



Remembering a Wrong is like Carrying a Burden on the Mind.

You will not be Punished For your Anger, You will be Punished By your Anger.

Holding onto Anger is like Drinking Poison and Expecting the Other person to Die.

Holding on to Anger is like Grasping a Hot coal with the Intent of Throwing it at someone else,You are the one who Gets Burned.

Anger will Never Disappear so long as Thoughts of Resentment are Cherished in the Mind.

Conquer the Angry one by not Getting Angry, Conquer the Wicked by Goodness, Conquer the Stingy by Generosity and the Liar by Speaking the Truth.


#Negative Thoughts

Hatred does not Cease through Hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through Love. This is an Unalterable Law.

Your Worst Enemy cannot Harm you as much as Your own Unguarded Thoughts.

Wear your Ego like a Loose Fitting Garment.

Speak or Act with an Impure Mind and Trouble will Follow you.

Whatever Words we utter should be chosen with Care for people will Hear them and be Influenced by them for Good or ill.

There is Nothing more Dreadful than the Habit of Doubt. Doubt separates People. It is a Poison that Disintegrates Friendships and Breaks up Pleasant Relations. It is a Thorn that Irritates and Hurt. It is a Sword that Kills.

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