Buddha Condition for Woman – Mustard Seeds Story

Buddha Condition for Woman - Mustard Seeds StoryOnce a woman’s only little child died. She got almost insane and went around with her child body asking people, “Is there any physician anywhere who can make my child alive again? Please tell me.!”

It happened that Buddha was coming to town, one of villager said to her, “I don’t know any physician but Buddha is coming to our village. Buddha is a enlightened being. It’s a great chance. You take your child to Buddha and ask him to help you.”

So, she went to Buddha and put dead body of her child at Buddha’s feet and said, “Please call him back to life. You know all secrets of life, you have attained enlightenment. Can’t you do a small miracle for a poor woman?”

Buddha replied, “I will do it but there is one condition.”

Woman said, “I will fulfill any condition to bring my child back to life.”

Buddha said, “The condition is – Go around and find a house where nobody has ever died in family and when you find it, bring a few mustard seeds from that house.”

Village was cultivating mustard seeds, so Buddha just asked he to go around village and look.

Woman went to first house and told them everything and asked for seeds. People from that house said, “A few mustard seeds? We can bring back carts full of mustard seeds if Buddha can bring back your son to life with help of those seeds.

But our mustard seeds will not be of any help because We have been living here for ages not just one but many have died in our family.”

Woman went to another house but even there she got similar answer and as she went on looking for house with no death.

She visited each and every house of that village, she even went to near by villages and after some days came back to Buddha empty handed.

Buddha asked, “Where are mustard seeds?”

Woman smiled and said, “You tricked me! There is no family, not in this village, nor in the whole world, where nobody has died. Everybody who is born is going to die.

I understand now, I don’t want my son to bought back to life again. Please Initiate me into the art of meditation, so that I can go into the land, the space of immortality, where birth and death have never happened.”

Buddha said, “You understood the point.”

At that time Buddha initiated that woman and she became one of the enlightened ones among Buddha’s disciples.

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