14 Bruce Lee Wisdom Quotes for Life

14 Bruce Lee Wisdom Inspirational Self Improvement Quotes for LifeBe like Water making its way through Cracks. Do not be Assertive but Adjust to the Object and you Shall find a way round or Through it. If nothing within you stays Rigid, outward things will Disclose themselves.

Empty your Mind, be Formless. Shapeless, like Water. If you put Water into a Cup, it becomes the Cup. You put water into a Bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a Teapot it becomes the Teapot. Now, Water can Flow or it can Crash. Be water, my Friend.

Know the difference between a Catastrophe and an Inconvenience. To realize that it’s just an Inconvenience, that it is not a Catastrophe but just an Unpleasantness, is Part of coming into your Own, part of Waking up.

Love is like a Friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a Flame very Pretty, often hot and fierce but still only Light and Flickering. As Love grows older, our Hearts mature and our Love becomes as coals, Deep-burning and Unquenchable.

If you Always put Limit on everything you Do, Physical or Anything else. It will Spread into your Work and into your Life. There are No limits. There are only Plateaus and you must Not stay there, you must Go beyond them.

To Spend time is to Pass it in a Specified manner. To Waste time is to expend it Thoughtlessly or Carelessly. We all have Time to either spend or waste and it is our Decision what to Do with it. But once Passed, it is gone Forever.

Self-knowledge involves Relationship. To know Oneself is to Study one self in Action with Another person. Relationship is a Process of Self evaluation and Self revelation. Relationship is the Mirror in which you discover Yourself.

Fear comes from Uncertainty. We can Eliminate the Fear within us when we know Ourselves better. As the great Sun Tzu said — When you know Yourself and Your opponent, you will Win every time.

The Great mistake is to Anticipate the outcome of the Engagement; you Ought not to be Thinking of whether it ends in Victory or Defeat. Let Nature take its Course and your tools will Strike at the Right moment.

Because One does not want to be Disturbed, to be made Uncertain, He establishes a Pattern of Conduct, of Thought, a pattern of Relationship to man etc. Then he becomes a Slave to the pattern and Takes the Pattern to be the Real thing.

Art is the way to the Absolute and to the Essence of human life. The Aim of art is not the One-sided promotion of spirit, soul and senses but the Opening of all Human capacities – thought, feeling, will; to the Life Rhythm of the World of Nature.

There is an Awareness without Choice, without any Demand, an Awareness in which there is No anxiety and in that State of mind there is Perception. It is the Perception alone that will Resolve all your Problems.

Character is to the Soul, What outward Appearances is to the Body. A Man’s Genuineness and Refinement should not Reveal themselves Directly. They should Express themselves only Indirectly as an Effect from within.

Whatever your Problems happen to be in the Future, Remember well that they cannot Remain Stationary but must move together with your Living spirit. Otherwise, you will Drift into artificiality or attempt to solidify the Ever-flowing. To Avoid that

, you must Change and be Flexible. Remember the Usefulness of a Cup, is in its Emptiness.

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