32 Motivational Bruce Lee Short Quotes

Bruce Lee Short Quotes - Motivational and Wisdom Quotes by Bruce LeeBruce Lee was a Famous Martial artist, Actor and Philosopher who was Born on November 27th, 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco. He is Remembered today as the figure who Popularized Kung fu around the World.



As you Think, So shall you Become.

Preparation for Tomorrow, is Hard work Today.

The Possession of Anything begins in the Mind.

Endurance is Lost rapidly, If one Ceases to work at its Maximum.

Empty your Cup so that it may be Filled become Devoid to Gain totality.

Knowing is not Enough, We must Apply. Willing is not Enough, We must Do.

Mistakes are always Forgivable, If one has the Courage to Admit them.

Do not Pray for an Easy Life, Pray for the Strength to Endure a Difficult one.

To know Oneself, is to Study oneself, in Action with Another person.

Absorb what is Useful, Discard what is Not, Add what is Uniquely your Own.

Knowledge will Give you Power but Character Respect.

Defeat is not Defeat unless Accepted as a Reality in your Own Mind.

The Less Effort, the Faster and more Powerful you will be.

Every man Today is the Result of his Thoughts of Yesterday.

If you Think a thing is Impossible, You will only make it Impossible.

Yesterday’s Dreams are often Tomorrow’s Realities.



It’s Not What you Give, It’s the Way you Give it.

A Quick temper will Make a fool of You soon Enough.

Real Living is Living for Others.

The More we Value things, the Less we Value ourselves.

If you Spend too much time Thinking about a Thing, You will Never get it Done.

The Successful Warrior is the Average man, with Laser-like Focus.

If you Don’t want to Slip up Tomorrow, Speak the Truth today.

No one can Hurt you Unless you Allow him to.

Life itself is your Teacher and you are in a State of Constant learning.

The Key to Immortality is First living a Life worth Remembering.

The Best techniques are the Simple ones Executes Right.

There is No Weapon more Deadly than the Will.

Long-term Consistency trumps Short-term Intensity.

It’s the Will that makes Men – Success takes Perseverance.

Concentration is the Root of all the Higher Abilities in Man.

Success means Doing something Sincerely and Wholeheartedly.

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