38 Bruce Lee Inspiring Quotes

38 Bruce Lee Inspiring Quotes - Bruce Lee Words on How to Live LifeA Wise man can Learn more from a Foolish Question than a Fool can Learn from a Wise answer.

Absorb what is Useful, Discard what is Useless and Add what is Specifically your Own.

What you Habitually think Largely Determines what you will Ultimately Become.

Your Mental Attitude determines what you Make of it, Either a Stepping stone or Stumbling block.

Success is a Journey, Not a Destination. Have Faith in your Ability. You will do Just Fine.

Keep your Mind on the things you Want and Off those you don’t.

It is Not what happens that Counts, It is How you React to them.

Showing off is the Fool’s Idea of Glory.

A Good teacher Protects his Pupils from his own Influence.

Those who are Unaware they are Walking in Darkness, will Never seek the Light.

A Goal is not always meant to be Reached, It often Serves simply as something to Aim at.

Pleasure is the Flower that Fades, Remembrance is the Lasting Perfume.

Ideas are the Beginning of all Achievement – in every Industry, in every Profession.

The Spiritual power of Man’s Will removes all Obstacles.

Sorrows are our Best Educator. A Man can see further through a Tear than a Telescope.

Self-will seems to be the Only Virtue that takes No account of Man-made Laws.

Freedom lies in Understanding yourself from Moment to moment.

Happiness is Good for the body but Sorrow Strengthens to Spirit.

A Person cannot Forget someone who is Good to them.

If Every man would Help his Neighbor, No man would be without Help.

Awakening, Self-realization and Seeing into one’s own Being – These are Synonymous.

True friends are like Diamonds, Precious and Rare. False friends are like Autumn leaves, found Everywhere.

Marriage is a Friendship – A Partnership based solidly upon Ordinary, Everyday occurrences.

Growth is the Constant Discovery and Understanding in One’s process of Living.

Knowledge is of the Past, Learning is in the Present, A Constant movement, in Relationship with the Outward things, without the Past.

To be on the Alert means to be Deadly serious, to be Deadly serious means to be Sincere to Oneself and it is Sincerity that finally Leads to the Way.

To understand your Fear is the Beginning of really Seeing.

With every Adversity comes a Blessing because a Shock acts as a Reminder to Oneself that we must not get Stale in Routine.

The Way to Bring back the Dream is to Relive the Dream as if it were Happening now.

Joy and Suffering are the Fruit of Right and Wrong thinking. Suffering, especially, is mostly Self-manufactured. We are Never so Happy or so Unhappy as we Suppose.

When a Man seeks your Advice, He generally wants your Praise.

Each man must Seek out Realization himself. No Master can give it to Him.



Art must Originate with an Experience or Feeling of the Artist.

The Essence of Fighting is the Art of Moving at the Right time.

Art is the way of the Absolute and to the Essence of Human life – Creative action, with Sensitivity, that Positive state of Innocence.

The True Artist has No public, He Works for the Sheer joy of it, with an Element of Playfulness, of Casualness.

Art demands only Immediate, Honest and Wholehearted action.

Art calls for Complete Mastery of Techniques, Developed by Reflection within the Soul.

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