Broken Dreams – Sad Heart Touching Story

Heart Touching Stories for Parents and their Kids English MoralOnce a lived a very poor family.In family there was mother father and daughter. Father was the only person earning and it was just enough to fulfill basic need for them. Even when they didn’t had enough money he always used to dream about making his daughter best doctor in the world. He loved her daughter very much.

His daughter was good child. It was day of her high school result. As father wished his daughter stood first in state.

Father got very happy and said to her, “Today am proud of you and happy. Ask me anything you want me to buy for you.”
Daughter replied, “Papa, I want dress which i showed you that day.. but it costs 1500rs. I didn’t asked you to buy that day but please will you buy that for me!!”

Father was happy for his daughter and even when he knew he didn’t had enough money to buy that dress he agreed to gift her dress because he didn’t wanted to see her sad.

Next day father bought the same dress for his daughter and gifted her.

Mother saw that and knew that there wasn’t enough money to buy that dress so she asked him, “From where did you got money to buy dress.”
Father replied, “I had some savings and i sold my blood for some extra money because i didn’t wanted to disappoint my daughter..”

Time passed and his daughter got into medical college and her father worked very hard to provide for her tuition fees for college. It was her final year and she needed 80000rs as last installment for fees. Father didn’t had enough but still somehow he paid that fees.

Mother knew there was no money so she asked him, “Where did you bring that money? did you did something wrong to earn that money?”
Father replied, “No, There was a kidney failure patient and is old my kidney to him but please don’t tell about this to our daughter, she will feel guilty if she knew.”

It was the day of daughter’s graduation and mother and father were waiting for their daughter to come home as Doctor for first time.


She came as dead body.. She killed herself because she was cheated by guy she loved..

Now.. If we think Can we answer who is actually dead??

We should value our Life for those who Love us, not just give up for those who don’t.

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38 thoughts on “Broken Dreams – Sad Heart Touching Story

  1. Heart touching story it is ? Now I know,we should value everything that we have in life ? Thank you to this story.

    1. It teach us how parents would love us and and their dream for our achievement we should fulfill that

    1. Ya i agree with grammatical mistakes in this story but anyhow emotional story. People should understand this story and should put into their own life.

  2. Very touching.. We people in tiz generation feel the love of our bf/Gf is greater n break the dreams of parents into pieces who loves us truly

  3. very nice story… i think it is related to our modern world… we must pay respect to our life… n yah for above stories, i just wanted to say there is no better than our parents love…..

      1. Oh pls dont say its not so good cuz its more than better!can you make a emotional story better than that one?pls suck it up doofus


  5. Its realty of life, who’s love us not understand our feelings and our immotions. What why its heppening with true man?

  6. OMG.. This story is realy makin me feel sad for that girl’s parent. If only she knew what her father passed through. Heart touching indeed.

  7. nice story….. n i think its related our modern world……. n i must say that ,our parents are true lover don’t leave them………

  8. Read this to my daughter during chemotherapy to distract her. It worked. The ending was so bad it made us laugh

  9. Ohh my god ,
    this is most impotant story of young jenerosan …..
    I’m cryad to read this story……….

  10. it is an heart touching story…..
    this story helps to understand the importance of life and love of parents

  11. this is how the parents show their love and affection, no matter in which condition they are should live up for their parents

    1. We are sorry for mistakes but if you find those please tell us and we will correct it πŸ™‚ thanks..

  12. Parents? They are the people who love us the most in our Journeys ups and downs…… Then why waste their gift called life with people we only meet half way….. Lovers come and go, but parents don’t…..

  13. That girl shouldn’t commit suicide just for that bloody boy… Here her father is doing a lot for her

  14. I feel sorry for the father for his sacrifices for his daughter and I hate his daughter for committing suicide.

  15. The greatest thing about this story is that it is like a circle that never ends, try to think about what the father did to help his daughter, was it true or he did commit a mistke by sacrificing his blood, kidney and perhaps life for a daughter that does not deserve it, cuase she loved the young man who cheated her more than her father, whose dreams depended on her success.

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