Brakes in Car – Teacher Question and Point of View

Breaks in Car - Teacher Question and Point of ViewOnce in physics class, teacher asked students, “Why do we have brakes in our car?

A student got up and replied, “Sir, to stop the car.”

Another student replied, “To reduce and control speed of car.”

Another said, “To avoid collision.”

Soon, all the students began to give similar answer. So, teacher decided to answer the question himself.

He said, “I appreciate all of your answers. Although i look at this way – The brakes in car, enable us to make it run faster..

Listening to this, there was deep silence in the class because no one had imagined this answer.

Teacher continued, “For a moment, let’s assume our car have no brakes then how fast are we ready to drive our car? It is the brakes in car that gives us courage to drive car faster and reach our destination.”

All student got confused. They never thought this way about breaks in the car.

Teacher smiled and continued, “Similarly, there are many such Brakes in our life, which stop us or restrict our moment. Our parents, teachers, friends ask us about direction we want to follow, our progress or decisions in life.

We tend to view their questions or difficult situations as Brakes that impede our pace.

But what if we see them as our supporter or catalyst that enables us to take risks while ensuring that we protect ourselves. Because sometimes, we have to stop or even step back, so that we can take a giant leap..

It is because of such questions or situations that we are able to reach where we are today. Without these Brakes, we could slip, lose direction or be victim of unfortunate accident.

Therefore, we need to understand Brakes in our life are not meant to push us back or bind us but to help us move forward faster than before. So that we can reach our destination quickly and safely.

Should we be thankful for Brakes (difficult situations) in life or just see them as hindrance to our work?”

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