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Breakfast Shop Owner Thinking - Heart Warming StoryThere was breakfast shop near stadium. Many people would go there for breakfast.

Once a customer who used to go there, noticed that a person came in when it was crowded and taking advantage of crowd, after having dinner, he left secretly without paying.

Next day as person was eating, that customer secretly told owner of that breakfast shop about him.

On hearing that, owner of breakfast shop smiled and said, “Let him go. We will talk about it later.”

As usual after, after having breakfast, that man looked around and taking advantage of crowd, he slipped away silently without paying for food he ate.

After he left, man asked owner, “Now, tell me why you let that man go?”

Owner replied, “Sir, you are not alone, many regular customers have noticed him and told me about him. This man sits in front of my shop and when he sees that there is crowd, he secretly comes in and eat. I always see him but ignore and never stopped him or caught him, never tried to insult him.”

Customer was confused and asked, “Why so?”

Owner replied, “Because i feel that the crowd in my shop is because of this man’s prayer..

He would sit in front of my shop and pray for shop to get crowded because if this shop is crowded then he can quickly come in, eat and leave.

and of course there is always crowd when he comes in. I do not wish to invite misfortune by interfering between his prayers and God acceptance of his prayer. I will always give him food and will never insult him or ask for money.”

** Prayer makes everything possible.

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