Boy with No Hands – Never Do Wrong with Other Story

Boy with No Hands - Never Do Wrong with Other StoryOnce God went on walk with an Angel. On their way, they saw that some children were swimming in a pond and near by one child was sad sitting alone under a tree.

Angel saw that child was missing both of his hands and because of it he was not able to swim with other children.

She felt sad about his condition and asked God to give him hands so that he could also swim with other children.

God said, “We should not interfere with anyone’s life because every living being lives his present life according to the result of their deeds done in past.”

But Angel couldn’t see that child sad and requested to God Shankar again and again. God couldn’t deny anymore and gave hands to that boy.

Child got happy and started swimming with other children.

After a week, God and Angel again walked through that place, they saw that this time situation was opposite, only that child who got hands because of Angels request was swimming in pond and all other children were outside looking scared.

Angel couldn’t understand this and asked, “What happened?”

God asked her to look carefully toward pond. They saw that child who was given hands was trying to drown other child in water and because of it they all were scared and didn’t dare to go into pond to swim.

Then God said, “Every person enjoys fruits according to his deed. God shouldn’t interfere with anyone’s life. This child had done the same thing in his previous life, hurting other people. Hence he had no hands in this life.”

Nature works according to the rules and does not show any favoritism to anyone. If Someone does Bad deeds today while living in palaces or Under influence of money and position, Tomorrow he will have to Suffer Consequences of those Deeds.

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