Boy Who Ran Away from Home! Father Son Deep Meaning Story

Boy Who Ran Away from Home! Father Son Deep Meaning StoryAfter fight with his father, boy ran away from home. Day passed, months passed. One day, he fell ill. Lying alone in his place, he remembered how his father used to take care of him when he fell ill.

His thought about how his father used to care for him with so much love that he would recover quickly.

At that time, he realized that he had made a big mistake by running away from home and decided to go back home.

When he got little better, he went to his father’s home in the dark of night. When he went near house, he saw that door of house was still open, even thought it was midnight.

Fearing something untoward, he immediately ran inside and found his father lying in courtyard.

As soon as, his father saw him, he welcomed him with open arms. Seeing this, tears welled up in son’s eyes.

He asked his father, “Door was open, did you know that i will come?”

Father replied, “You fool, this door has not been closed since the day you left! i used to think that when you return, it might that you return after seeing the door closed.

So i never closed the door, even at night.”

This is exactly situation of Supreme Father, Supreme soul. Out of his Love for his children, living being, he had also left the doors open for his devotees in case, any lost child return to him. All we need is to understand his Love and move towards him.

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