Boy Deal with Girl – Cheat and Guilt Story

Boy Deal with Girl - Cheat and Guilt StoryOnce a boy and girl were playing in a park. Boy was playing with marbles and girl was watching him playing.

Girl had a packet of candies with her. She wanted to play with marbles, so she went to boy and said, “I want to play with marbles, will you exchange all these marbles in exchange for all the candies i have?”

Boy mouth watered seeing those candies and he thought it would be a good deal. So he agreed.

Boy collected all his marbles to give to girl but before giving those, he selected beautiful marbles and kept them in his pocket.

Boy came back and giving marbles, said, “Here you go. All my marbles are yours. Now give me all candies you have.”

Girl immediately handed over the packet of candies to boy and happily started playing with marbles.

Soon, it was evening and both kids returned to their respective homes.

As soon as boy lay down on bed at night, he started thinking about that deal. He thought, “As i did, what if she also cheated and kept some candies with herself?”

Such thoughts kept coming to boys mind and he started getting upset and couldn’t sleep properly at night.

On other hand, girl had slept peacefully holding those marbles in her hands.

Next morning, boy went to girl’s house and as soon as girl came out, he handed those marbles to her and left. Now, boy’s mind was at peace.

God has carved us humans in such way that whenever we do something wrong, our conscience warns us. It is up to us whether we listen to that voice or not.

Everyone makes mistake but not everyone had courage to correct them, as that boy did. Therefore, it should be our endeavor not to ignore the voice of our conscience and do what’s right.

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