Blind Man With Lantern – Making Fun of Other!

Blind Man With Lantern - Making Fun of OtherOnce in a village lived a blind man. Whenever he went out at night, he always kept a lit lantern with him.

One night when he was returning home from his friend’s house. As usual he lit a lantern and started walking toward his house, holding that lantern in his hand.

Just then some mischievous boys saw that blind man and started laughing at him. One of them said loudly, “Hey, look, blind man is carrying the lantern. What is the use of lantern for blind man?”

Hearing his words, blind man stopped and said humbly, “You are right brothers. I am blind. I can’t see. What is the use of lantern for me..?

I am habitual to live in dark only.

But people like you who can see, are not used to living in the dark. You may have trouble seeing people in the dark. You may not pay attention to anyone who cannot see and push me by mistake then what will happen to me?

That’s why i carry this lantern for people like you. So that people who can see, can see a blind man in dark.”

Boys got embarrassed after listening to blind man and started apologizing to him and vowed that in future, would never say anything to anyone without thinking.

There are Different types of People in the World. There are some who Ignore their own Weaknesses but are always ready to make Fun of others Weaknesses.

Without estimating the reality, they Laugh at the Weaknesses of others and Hurt them with the arrows of their Sharp words. But when they get slapped by Reality, they have nothing left except Guilt.

Therefore, One should Never try to Humiliate anyone and should think Carefully before saying Anything.

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