Bird’s Three Counsels..!!

Bird and Hunter Story - Foolishness vs Cleverness Short Moral StoriesOnce a hunter went into a forest for hunting. There he caught a bird.

Bird said to hunter, “You must have eaten many big animals. How can flesh of my little body satisfy you?? If you let me go, i will give you three Counsels but condition is..
First counsel i will give you while still in your hand, Second when i am on roof¬† and Third from top of tree.”

Bird continued, “When you have heard all three counsels you will consider yourself the most fortunate men.”

While sitting in hunter’s hand bird said, “First counsel : Do not believe in foolish pronouncement of others.”

Even after listening to this first counsel Hunter let bird go from his hand on to the roof from where bird said, “Second counsel : Have no regrets for what past is..”

After telling second counsel bird told him that it’s body contained a precious pearl weighing five ounce and it could be his but now that’s gone.

Hearing this man began to bewail for the misfortune of losing the pearl.

Seeing this bird asked him, “Why are you sad? Didn’t you listen when i said do not regret for past.. I also told you that do not believe in foolish pronouncement of others..”

When i said i have five ounce pearl in my stomach, can’t you think that i myself weight 2 ounces then how could i possible be having a pearl weighing 5 ounce inside me.

Coming to his senses hunter asked for last counsel when bird was at top of tree.

Bird replied, “Seeing how you heeded first two, why should i waste third..” and fly away.

We should Learn from bird that at time to Danger our cleverness can save us. From hunter we can Learn that Greed and Foolishness leave us with nothing.

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