Birbal and His Friend Story – Never Speak Hastily

Birbal and His Friend Story - Never Speak HastilyOne day, Birbal and his friend was coming back from somewhere. On there way, they were passing by a small stream. Bridge on that stream was very old, narrow and slippery.

Birbal was able to cross that bridge but his friend couldn’t. Just before reaching the other end, friend lost his balance and fell into water.

Birbal immediately leaned down to help his friend. He stretched out his hand towards his friend, to help him come out. Friend quickly grabbed his hand and started to pull himself toward shore.

While climbing up, his friend felt so obligated that he hastily promised Birbal that he would give him twenty gold coins for saving his life.

Birbal stoically said, “Thank you.”

At that instant, he let his friend go into water again. Friend got shock of his life and went back into water with splash.

Friend struggle to wade his way out of water and when he finally reached shore, he said to Birbal, “Why did you do that?”

Birbal replied, “To take my reward.”

Friend said, “Couldn’t you have waited for me to come out of water safely, first?”

Birbal retorted, “Couldn’t you have waited till you came out of water and stood on ground?”

Friend realized that he had been hasty in offering reward. Friends do no help each other for Material gains. He apologized to Birbal and thanked him for saving his life and making him understand true meaning of friendship.

One Should Never Speak Hastily. Always Think before You Speak.

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  1. It is very very positive minded story, it give us the true means of friendship and yaa the value of friendship in my life is encouraged very much, 😃😃 love this story


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