Bill Gates Quotes on Business

Bill Gates Quotes on Business and Technology Software QuotesBill Gates is known for Being the Chief Executive and Chairman of Microsoft, the World’s Largest and most popular Personal-Computer Software Company.


In Business, the Idea of Measuring what you are doing, Picking the Measurements that Count like Customer Satisfaction and Performance… You Thrive on That.

Business people need to Shake off the Notion that Information is Hard to Get.

A Company’s Ability to Respond to an Unplanned event, Good or Bad, is a Prime Indicator of its Ability to Compete.

A Bad Strategy will Fail no matter how Good your Information is and Lame execution will Stymie a good Strategy. If you do Enough things Poorly, you will Go out of Business.

The First rule of any Technology used in a Business is that Automation applied to an Efficient Operation will Magnify the Efficiency. The Second is that Automation applied to an Inefficient operation will Magnify the Inefficiency.

Information technology and Business are becoming Inextricably Interwoven. I don’t think Anybody can Talk Meaningfully about one without Talking about the Other.

Only a few Businesses will Succeed by having the Lowest Price, so Most will need a Strategy that Includes Customer Services.

Technology is just a Tool. In terms of getting the kids Working together and Motivating them, the Teacher is the most Important.

Any Tool that Enhances Communication has Profound effects in terms of how People can Learn from each other and how they can Achieve the kind of Freedoms that They are interested in.

Software is a Great combination between Artistry and Engineering.

Software Innovation like almost every other kind of Innovation, requires the Ability to Collaborate and Share Ideas with other People and to Sit down and talk with Customers and get their Feedback and understand their Needs.

Intelligence is an Elusive Concept. There’s a certain Sharpness, an Ability to Absorb new facts. To Walk into a Situation, have something Explained to you and Immediately say, “Well, What about this?” To ask an Insightful Question. To Absorb it in Real time. A Capacity to Remember. To Relate to Domains that may not Seem Connected at first. A Certain creativity that Allows people to be Effective.

Expectations are a Form of first-class Truth: If people Believe it, it’s True.

We Make the Future sustainable when we Invest in the Poor, not when We Insist on their Suffering.

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