Motivational Quotes by Rumi

Best Rumi Quotes - Motivational Quotes about Facing Difficulties in Life#Hardships

The Moment you Accept what Troubles you’ve been Given, the Door with Open.

If in the Darkness of Ignorance, you don’t Recognize a Person’s True nature, Look to See.. Whom he has Chosen for his Leader.

Don’t be Sad Because God sends Hope in the most Desperate Moments. Don’t forget, the Heaviest Rain comes out of the Darkest Clouds.

Hardship may Dishearten at first but Every Hardship passes away. All Despair is followed by Hope, All darkness is followed by Sunshine.

Everyone is Overridden by Thoughts. That’s why they have so much Heartache and Sorrow.

Try not to Resist the Changes that come your Way. Instead let Life live through You. And do not Worry that your Life is turning Upside Down. How do you know that the Side you are Used to, is Better than the One to Come?

Run from what’s Comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you Fear to Live. Destroy your Reputation. Be Notorious. I have tried Prudent planning Long enough. From now on I’ll be Mad.

Sorrow prepares you for Joy. It violently Sweeps everything out of your House, so that New Joy can find Space to Enter. It Shakes the Yellow leaves from the Bough of your Heart, so that Fresh, Green leaves can Grow in their Place.

When you Go through a Hard period, When everything seems to Oppose you, When you Feel you cannot even Bear one more minute, Never give up. Because it is the Time and Place that the Course will Divert.

Grief can be the Garden of Compassion. If you Keep your Heart open through Everything, your Pain can become your Greatest Ally in your Life’s search for Love and Wisdom.



Patience is not Sitting and Waiting, It is Foreseeing. It is looking at the Thorn and seeing the Rose, looking at the Night and seeing the Day. Lovers are Patient and know that the Moon needs Time to become Full.

If you Want to win Hearts, Sow the Seeds of Love. If you want Heaven, stop Scattering Thorns on the Road.

Do Good to the People for the Sake of God or for the Peace of your own Soul, that you may Always see what is Pure and Save your Heart from the Darkness of Hate.

A Little while Alone in your room will Prove more Valuable than Anything else that could ever be Given you.

If Reason dominates in Man, he rises Higher than Angels. If Lust overpowers man, he Descends lower than the Beast.



Everything is Emptiness. Everything else, Accidental. Emptiness brings Peace to your Loving. Everything else, Disease. In this World of Trickery, Emptiness is what your Soul wants.

Soul receives from Soul that Knowledge, therefore not by Book nor from the Tongue. If Knowledge of Mysteries come after Emptiness of Mind, that is the illumination of Heart.

Whoever finds Love beneath Hurt and Grief disappears into Emptiness with a Thousand new Disguises.



Be a Helpful Friend and you will become a Green tree with always New Fruit.

Friendship of the Wise is Good, a Wise Enemy is better than a Foolish Friend.

If you are looking for a Friend who is Faultless, you will be Friendless.

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